Abe Balmori, Licensed Optician

Abe BalmoriAbe was born in Cuba and came to the United States when he was six years old.  His family escaped communism and created a happy and productive life here in the US.

With an Associate Degree in Engineering, Abe entered the optical industry in 1980, simultaneously earning his Opticianry Degree.  These two professions were the perfect marriage of Abe’s design and science acumen, culminating in the purchase of a fledgling optical in Coral Springs.  In 1994, Personal Eyes was born!

Abe does all the eyeglass fabrication by hand, on the premises.  This ensures complete control over the finished product, distinguishing our eye wear from mass-production.  All materials are chosen specifically for the individual, based on visual and cosmetic needs.  Because we are a private practice, not beholden to any proprietary products, we can furnish our patients with virtually any product on the market.  One size does not fit all here at Personal Eyes.  We strive to provide you with EVERYTHING you need and NOTHING you don’t.

Marla Dym, Licensed Optician

marla_retro_editMarla grew up and was educated in opticianry in Brooklyn, New York.  In 1992,  her family moved to Coral Springs to pursue a kinder, gentler life.  She’s been working as a licensed optician at Personal Eyes since 1996.

Marla is a self-described “people person.”  She is committed to improving her patient’s vision, comfort, and appearance.  This is accomplished with patience and caring.  She will always provide a thorough, and understandable explanation of her recommendations, so folks always know exactly what they are getting and why!

Marla’s mastery of  current lens technology enables her to recommend the right products for the visual demands of today.  The frame selection is as important to the overall function of the eye wear, as it is to your reflection in the mirror.   Think of Marla as your personal eye wear shopper, curating the products to narrow your selection, co-mingling your visual and fashion needs.

Dr. Bruce E. Starr OD, PA, Board Certified Optometrist

With over thirty five years of medical experience, Dr. Starr still practices “old school” medicine.  He spends time with his patients, and most importantly, listens to them.  His philosophy states “patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

Dr. Starr studied internal medicine at Emory University where he became a Physician Assistant.  Afterward,  he attended The Southern College of Optometry and became an optometric physician.  His PA training sets him apart from other optometrists because he has in-depth knowledge of all systems of the human body, specializing in the eye.

Dr. Starr knows that the eyes reveal more diseases than any other organ in the body, which can be picked up during a routine, dilated eye exam.  He can detect diabetes, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, certain neurological conditions, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, tumors, and liver and thyroid disease.

In addition to routine eye exams and treating eye infections, Dr. Starr specializes in dry eye treatment, keratoconus,  contact lens fitting, and pre and post-operative care for Lasik and cataract patients.

He loves to play golf and fish.  Additionally, Dr. Starr is  a professional magician who will often perform a magic trick or two to make his pediatric patients comfortable!